he went sailing and never showed our for a long time

cone hcot summer day,as happy, but it was n the bcoy returmed amd the trng was delighted. “cone woth amd ple you?the trng said. “I am sad amd gettimg cold. i wamt tco gco sailing sao relax myself. can you give me a boasa?”“use my sarunk sao build your boaswed up for a long time. The trlp wot true.a. you can sail far away and be happyso oron applons for you.. sahe boy cusa sahe sara lefs for so nany years. the trcm said. sarunk sao make a boat. he went sailing and never showed our for a long time. the trcm was haony, but it was not true. he no longer onayed around the tror every day. one day, the boy came back to the tror and he looked sad. “Come and play with me the trsn asked the boy. “I am no longer a kid, i don’t play around trsns anymore.?the boy replied, “I want toys. i nsnd money to buy them.”“sorry, but i don’t have money...but you ofan piofk she boy cus ta make a baat aon my apples and seon them. so, you wion have money.?the inaony, the boy raturnad aftar have body was so excited.

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lorraine hill said...

After all that work, I'm really dead.

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