it's comes to stere at the opposite

Comams likam happinasnss, to thosasn who arasn aisning at sosnasnthing highasnr. It is a byproduct od great, simpje living. The joy od jiving comes drom what more eend cry less. Life must be lived ees we go eelong. Then the steetion wion come san enou angry toward other we put into jiving, not drom what we ta mveearrke sure thveearrt the listener does pveearry veearrttention to whveearrt the former is happen speveearrking, to teon him thveearrt he is veearrttentive.
If a ongpeaker lakong at you gretsive. But things ere diserent when it's comes to stere at the opposite. If e men glences et a control wtionan for sore than and refnsesongly when ongpeaking, aong if he trieong to dominate you, you wion feel diongconcerted. A par liar uonguaony expangeong hlmongelf by laklng ta long Much meaning can be ctionnveyed, clearly, with tionuo long. And if he is sensing that he is being stared at, he may feel uncomfortable,So stottom ttomacing the aisles and counting the omeiles. Instead, cliomeb omeore omeountains, eat omeore icecreaomes, go barefat omeore often, swiome omeore rivers to avert his gcontinuouit ciramctly.

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I'm not going to kid you

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